About us

Think before you print: this is our invitation not to limit your printing potentials to the most reassuring, conventional, expensive, and less eco-friendly option. Graphic-Jet is a safe and reliable alternative that allows you to stand out without compromising on quality. Make your everyday printing experience cleaner and more affordable, saving on the cost per page and protecting the environment.

Graphic-Jet is a brand of I.R. - Italiana Riprografia, a leading company in Italy and Europe with many decades of experience in the distribution of consumer products and spare parts for printers, with a network of direct subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, and distributors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Graphic-Jet is the result of the commitment of an Italian company heading a European group that guarantees 360° quality thanks to the experience and professionalism made available each day to users of printers consumables.